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If you use a mobile or smartphone then you must have heard about call forwarding. But in such a situation do you know what is this call forwarding and how to turn it on and off?

Well, in this post, I'm going to show you how to turn call forwarding on and off on Android.

But before showing the steps to turn call forwarding on and off, let me tell you what is call forwarding and uses of call forwarding.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding or call diversion is a telephony (the working or use of telephones) feature and it is available in almost all mobiles whether it is a smartphone or normal phone.

If you use call forwarding, this has the advantage that if someone calls you and your number is busy or unreachable at the time, that person's call is transferred to another number, whichever number you have entered in call forwarding.

Uses of call forwarding

The first use of call forwarding is that if you have two phones and you can't take both phones at once, then you can transfer calls from one phone to another.

Apart from this, if your phone ever gets busy and becomes unreachable, you can use call forwarding.

You should know some important things about call forwarding. Just as you are charged for calls from your mobile, you will be charged for call forwarding.

Suppose you have activated call forwarding in your mobile, then the longer you talk, the same amount will be charged from your outgoing calls. So if you have money on your mobile then only your call will be forwarded to another number.

Now, let's learn how to turn call forwarding on and off on Android.

How to turn call forwarding on and off on Android

Here are the steps to turn call forwarding on and off on an Android devices:

1. Go to dial pad of mobile.

To turn on call forwarding, go to your mobile's dial pad and tap on the triple bar symbol.

After tapping on the triple bar symbol, the Call settings will open.

Once the Call settings are opened, find the Call forwarding settings option and tap on it.

Android: Call forwarding settings

Note: This is the way to open the call forwarding settings in Xiaomi phones but the call forwarding settings are slightly different for using call forwarding on other phones or normal phones. So for that, you have to go to the call settings of your mobile and find for call forwarding settings.

If you have found your call forwarding settings on your mobile then follow the next steps.

2. Use 4 types of call forwarding.

You can use 4 types of call forwarding to activate call forwarding on your mobile phone.

Here are 4 different call forwarding types and their functions:

  • Always forward: Always forward, Its function is that whatever call comes in your number is forwarded to the other number forever.
  • When busy: When busy, Its function is that whenever you are busy and at that time a call comes to your number and you cancel that call, then in such a situation transfers that call to your other number.
  • When unanswered: When unanswered, Its function is that if you do not answer a call or do not receive a call, it transfers that call to your other number.
  • When unreachable: When unreachable, Its function is that if someone calls your number but sometimes the phone is not reaching or unreachable due to a network problem, then it transfers the call to another network i.e. another number.

3. Turn on call forwarding

Go to Call forwarding settings by following step 1.

Tap on the When busy option and enter the number which you want to forward.

After entering the number, tap on the Turn on.

Android: Turn on call forwarding

After tapping on the Turn on, your number will be successfully added to the When busy call forwarding.

4. Turn off call forwarding.

It's very easy to turn off call forwarding.

Again, follow step 1 and open Call forwarding settings and tap on the When busy.

Tap on the Turn off.

Android: Turn off call forwarding

After tapping on the Turn off, your number will be successfully removed from When busy call forwarding.

Hope you have learned how to turn call forwarding on and off. Still, you have any doubt or any problem then let me know in the comment box below.

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