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Are you a PC gamer and want to know how to turn off mouse acceleration?

Well, in this post, I am going to show you how to turn off mouse acceleration.

But before showing the steps to turn off mouse acceleration, let's first talk about mouse acceleration, what is mouse acceleration, what are the advantages and disadvantages of mouse acceleration.

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a feature that, once turned on, makes it so fast that the faster you move your mouse, the faster the cursor moves across the screen.

Advantage of mouse acceleration

  • For those who are non-gamer people, it is very useful to run a PC, do office work, and do simple browsing.
  • Reactive tracking is as fast as flick back to target with high sensitivity.

Disadvantages of mouse acceleration

  • If mouse acceleration is kept on, it will reduce muscle memory development.
  • It also harms the accuracy while playing the game.

How to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10

Follow the steps below to turn off mouse acceleration on your computer:

1. Click the Start button or Windows icon, then click Settings or the gear icon.

Computer settings

2. Click Devices.

Computer settings: Devices

3. Click Mouse.

Computer settings: Mouse

4. Click Additional mouse options.

Additional mouse options

5. Click Pointer Options.

Computer mouse properties: Pointer options

6. Uncheck the Increase pointer precision check box and then click Apply and finally click OK.

Computer mouse properties: enhance pointer precision

After clicking the OK button, your computer mouse acceleration will turn off.

Hope you have learned to turn off mouse acceleration. Still, if you have any problems then let me know in below comment box.

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