Mobile Phone's IMEI Registration Process in Nepal

In this post, I'm going to show you the mobile phone's IMEI registration process in Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). And also how to check whether it is registered or not.

Before showing the process, let me tell you about the IMEI number. But if you already know about it then you can directly go to "mobile phone's MEI registration process".

What is the IMEI number? IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a mobile identification number that is different from any other device. IMEI is also available in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), CDMA (Code-division Multiple Access) and iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) and some satellite phones, it is of 15 digits sometimes even 16 and 17 digits, including the model of the mobile device, its location and the serial number of the mobile device are written.

What does the IMEI number do? IMEI number of any phone tells the current status of that phone, that is, through this, it can be found out where the person is standing. If a person's phone is stolen or lost, then the address of that phone can be traced from the IMEI of that phone.

Benefits of IMEI number: The biggest advantage of the IMEI number is in catching criminals. Even if someone's phone is stolen, with the help of this IMEI number, that thief can be caught.

Mobile phone's IMEI registration process

1. Find your mobile phone's IMEI number

To find your mobile phone's IMEI, go to your mobile phone's dial pad and enter the *#06# USSD code.

Check mobile phone's IMEI by USSD code

After entering the USSD code, the IMEI number of your mobile phone will appear. If your mobile phone supports two SIM cards then two IMEI numbers will appear, the first is IMEI1 and the second is IMEI2. Once the IMEI appears, copy it or note it down on paper.

2. Visit the individual IMEI registration page

To visit, follow the link - and fill the form as per the details given below:

Applicant Type: Nepali

Type: IMEI

Brand Name: Enter the brand name of your mobile phone such as Xiaomi.

Model Number: Enter the model number of your mobile phone such as Mi 11X Pro.

IMEI / ESN / MEID Number: Enter the IMEI number of your mobile phone. Enter IMEI1;IMEI2 (like 1234567891234567;1234567123456789) to register both the IMEI numbers at once.

Applicant Name: Enter your legal name that matches the name of your government-issued ID.

Applicant Address: Enter your legal address that matches the address on your government-issued ID.

Contact No: Enter your mobile number.

ID No: Enter your government-issued ID (Citizenship, Passport, etc.) number.

Attachment of Citizenship or Other ID Card or Passport or Visa: Enter your ID card name such as Citizenship. And tap on "Choose File" and upload the scanned copy of your ID card.

Email: Enter your email address.

Now, finally, tap on the "Submit" button. After tapping, the IMEI number of your mobile phone will be registered in NTA within a few moments.

Refer to the instructions below to check if the mobile phone's IMEI number is registered or not.

How to check IMEI registration status

1. Go to the IMEI registration check page

To visit, follow the link - and enter your mobile phone's IMEI number in the box and tap on the "Submit" button.

After tapping, NTA will show the IMEI registration status of your device within a few moments.

Mobile phone's IMEI registration status

Hope you have learned how to register the IMEI number of your mobile phone. Still, if you have any confusion, do let me know in the comment section below.

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