How to Fix Secure Boot Violation in Dell Laptop

When we boot the operating system in our computer using a USB drive or CD, we may get a "secure boot violation" error message.

In this post, I'm going to show you how to fix the secure boot violation error in Windows 10 (Dell laptop).

But before showing, if you don't know what is secure boot and how secure boot works? So, let me tell you in short.

What Is a Secure Boot?

Secure boot is a feature of the UEFI. It allows only signed software or file to run on the system, which helps to protect your system from malware.

How Does Secure Boot Work?

Secure boot acts as a kind of security guard. It secures the boot process by preventing the loading of UEFI drivers or OS boot loaders that are not signed with an acceptable digital signature. And those which are signed with acceptable digital signatures are accepted and the system boots up successfully.

How to Fix Secure Boot Violation Error

1. To go to the BIOS, restart the computer and press one of the keys (F2, F12, ESC, DEL) quickly and repeatedly. Once the BIOS opens, click on BIOS Setup.

Note: It is not necessary that the BIOS settings of each computer are the same, it differs in each computer, so first you need to find the "Secure Boot" in your computer.

2. Click the Boot tab and select Secure Boot, then disable it.

3. After disabling Secure Boot, go to the Exit tab and select Save Changes and Reset, then press the Enter key.

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