How to Transfer Balance in Ncell (2 Easy Methods)

How to transfer balance in Ncell? Well, in this post, I'm going to show you two easy methods to transfer the balance from Ncell to Ncell (Blc transfer in Ncell).

Method 1: Transfer balance in Ncell by USSD code

To transfer the balance using the USSD code, go to the dial pad of your mobile phone and dial *17122*DestinationNumber*TransferAmount# (like if I transfer Rs. 20 to my friend then I will dial *17122*9812345678*20#).

Note: Your Ncell SIM card must have more than Rs.10 to do a balance transfer. And you need to be in the prepaid subscription as you can transfer the balance from prepaid to prepaid numbers only. Learn more about Ncell balance transfer.

Method 2: Transfer balance in Ncell by Ncell app

To transfer balance through the Ncell app, first, you need to download the Ncell app from Google Play Store. And after downloading:

1. Open the Ncell app and tap on Transfer.

2. Enter the amount and the number of the recipient and finally tap on Transfer.

After tapping, the balance will be transferred to the destination number.

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