How to transfer balance in Ncell (2 simple methods)

Ncell is the most popular and second largest mobile service provider in Nepal, after Nepal Telecom or NTC. It is a privately owned GSM mobile operator which offers various features according to prepaid or postpaid users. And one of those features is a balance transfer.

If you are a Ncell prepaid user or a SIM holder then you can use the "Ncell balance transfer" feature to transfer your balance from Ncell to another Ncell SIM whenever you want.

There are two methods to transfer balance in Ncell. One is using the USSD code and the other is using the Ncell app. Let's start with the first one.

Transfer balance in Ncell through USSD code

You can easily transfer your balance through the USSD code.

Let's see how to do that.

Open the dial pad of your mobile phone and dial *17122*DestinationNumber*TransferAmount#.

For example, if I transfer Rs. 20 to my friend then I will dial *17122*9800000000*20#.

Enter 1 and tap "Send" to confirm.

ncell balance transfer ussd code

Note: Your Ncell SIM card must have more than Rs.10 to do a balance transfer. And you need to be in the prepaid subscription as you can only transfer the balance from prepaid to prepaid numbers.

Transfer balance in Ncell using the Ncell app

If you are using a smartphone, you can also transfer your balance through the Ncell app. Let's see how to do it.

Download the Ncell app from Google Play Store for Android phones or App Store for iPhones and open it after installing.

Tap on "Skip," accept Ncell's Terms & Conditions, and tap "Continue."

ncell app setup

Choose your preferred language. In this guide, I have chosen the language "English."

Enter your phone number and tap on the "Login" button.

ncell app setup

The 6 digits code will come in the message from the Ncell on the number you entered. Enter that code to verify the login. If you log in with the same device in which that SIM has been inserted then it will log in automatically.

Tap "ALLOW" to give your location access in the app but it's not mandatory. If you don't want to allow you can decline or click on "DENY."

ncell app setup

Tap on "My Packs" from the bottom menu.

Select the "Balance" tab at the top and tap the "Transfer" tab at the bottom.

Enter the amount you want to transfer.

Enter the destination number and tap the "Transfer" button.

ncell balance transfer mobile app

After tapping the "Transfer" button, your balance will be transferred to the number you entered.

Note: To transfer your balance using the Ncell app you must have above Rs. 15 in your account.

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