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As we all know that the Internet was invented many years ago, but not everyone could use it because a lot of cables were needed to use the Internet. The Internet could only be accessed via cable, but as technology improved, the process of simplifying complex things changed as well.

Due to changes in technology every day, computer scientists finally created a wireless network called Wi-Fi instead of wire cable, and we use it everywhere.

About ten years ago today, everyone couldn't use the internet, for this people had to go to internet cafes. But today the internet has reached everyone's hand and it does not require a cable. Currently, everyone can access the internet, most of the credit goes to Wi-Fi technology.

Whether we want to access the Internet on a mobile, laptop, or computer, we now use Wi-Fi for that. So through today's article, I will give you complete information about this popular technology.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Stand for Wireless Fidelity is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio signals to provide high-speed Internet and network connections. It was invented by John O'Sullivan and John Dean in 1991.

It is a wireless networking facility also known as WLAN i.e. Wireless Local Area Network.

It is a technology through which we are using internet and network connection today. With its help, you can easily connect devices like mobiles, laptops, computers, and printers to the Internet network.

This technology comes in the local area network. This means that the range is limited to a small area only.

Through this, we can connect to the internet up to a limited place. Not only the Internet, but today's people also transfer data wirelessly through it like SHAREit.

It is said that Wireless Fidelity has no real meaning. Wi-Fi Alliance company manufactures Wi-Fi devices, its name is derived from HiFi i.e. High Fidelity.

Wi-Fi is a standard followed by which computers are connected to a wireless network. In today's time, all smartphones, laptops, computers, and printers have a Wi-Fi chip, through which we connect to the wireless router and use the Internet.

Wi-Fi-connected devices can only access the Internet through a wireless router. But the router also has to use DSL and cable modem to connect to the internet.

But the router also has to use DSL and cable modem which is connected to the ISP to stay connected to the internet.

There are many types of hotspot devices available these days, in which multiple devices connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi at the same time via a wireless signal.

How does Wi-Fi work?

Wi-Fi technology consists of a device that transmits a wireless signal, usually a Wi-Fi router or hotspot. In this, a wireless router connects to the Internet and converts the information into radio waves.

And the Wi-Fi device connects to the Wi-Fi signal present in the environment and creates a small wireless signal area around itself called Wi-Fi Zone.

This small area takes the form of WLAN. All the devices in this small area like smartphones, laptops, and printers, these devices have in-built wireless adapters, with the help of which this device can easily receive Wi-Fi signals.

But desktop computers don't have an in-built Wi-Fi adapter, so we can use Wi-Fi by plugging in the adapter via USB.

If you ever go to the airport, railway station, or coffee shop, then you are in the Wi-Fi zone at that time. There are also many cities where the government has created a Wi-Fi zone, where people go and use the Internet for free.

Whenever there is wireless communication, it is always two-way radio communication. Let me tell you how two-way communication happens.

Suppose a laptop is connected to Wi-Fi and is using the Internet to transfer data. So you have a laptop wireless adapter that converts the data into radio waves and transmits it using its antenna. Now the wireless adapter receives this signal and decodes it.

The router sends information to the Internet through a physical wired Ethernet connection and thus transmits data from one device to another in the Wi-Fi network. The same process works just the opposite, with the router receiving information from the Internet, then converting it into a radio signal and sending it to the laptop's wireless adapter.

Radio waves emanating from Wi-Fi routers travel across the wall, with Wi-Fi reaching other rooms in the building as well. However, one wireless router is sufficient for one home. The speed of the Wi-Fi network is high near the router but the speed of the Wi-Fi network decreases as the distance from the router increases.

The hotspot option also comes with Wi-Fi service in today's smartphones, i.e. you can not only use other Wi-Fi networks. By using your phone as a router, you can also provide an Internet connection from the hotspot to many other devices.

If suddenly your mobile data runs out then you can use Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi by turning on the hotspot in any of your friends' mobiles.

Benefits of Wi-Fi

  • This technology is very user-friendly. You can easily connect any smartphone, tablet, or laptop to Wi-Fi.
  • It is very easy to use, all you have to do is turn on the Wi-Fi router, if you have a password, you can connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy the Internet.
  • Earlier it was difficult to get Wi-Fi everywhere but in today's time, it is available everywhere. With the help of Wi-Fi, you can access the internet on the go from anywhere like bus, rain, coffee shop, supermarket, etc.
  • With a single Wi-Fi device, you can connect many other mobile devices like 5 to 6 mobile devices that can be connected to the router. This connection happens very quickly.
  • The speed of a Wi-Fi router is much higher than that of a cellular network, you can take advantage of 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Data transfer speed is fast when we access the internet from Wi-Fi, we can easily send and receive audio, video, and text.
  • There is a limit to mobile data, but in a Wi-Fi network taken from a broadband connection, you get more than 50 GB of data every day, ie you can use the Internet as much as you want.
  • The most important thing about Wi-Fi is that you can run your Wi-Fi router in any country in the world, meaning you can use a Wi-Fi router anywhere.


From this article, you learned that Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that can be used anywhere. Multiple devices can be connected to Wi-Fi and Internet sharing can be done through it. Nowadays all smartphones support Wi-Fi facilities.

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