Hey buddies, welcome to Ukc.com.np!

The name of Ukc.com.np is a combination of my real name.

UKC = Umesh Kumar Chaudhary.

Ukc.com.np is a blog and on this blog, I keep sharing tips and tricks related to technology. I mainly share solutions to problems and errors related to computers, mobile, android, software, games, etc.

It is always my endeavor that through my post, your problem can be solved so that you do not have to go anywhere else.

Whatever solution and information are shared on Ukc.com.np, it is shared keeping in mind the interests of the people.

About the Founder / Author

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Umesh Chaudhary is the founder and author of Ukc.com.np. He is a tech-savvy, tech blogger, and web developer by completing his education at the institute in Kathmandu. He has always loved sharing tips and tricks on technology.

If you have any information or suggestion related to this blog, please feel free to contact.

Email – umesh@ukc.com.np