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Do you want to know how to change the font size on a computer?

Some people have poor eyesight, and they have problems running the computer due to small fonts. And some people do not like small fonts and want to change the font of their computer, so in this post, I'm going to show you very easy steps to change the font size on a Windows 10 computer.

How to change font size in Windows 10

Follow the steps below to change your font size on your Windows 10 computer:

1. Right-click on any open area of the desktop and click the Display settings option.

Computer: Display settings

2. Scroll down and find the Scale and layout and click on 100% (Recommended) and select the size you want.

Computer: Scale and layout

After you select a size, your computer's font will change according to the size you selected.

Hope you have learned how to change the font size on a Windows 10 computer. Still, if you have any problems then let me know in below comment box.

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